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About Us

Art Nuvo Publishing House was established in 2003 as a greeting card manufacturer. From the very beginning, creating original, unique cards has become our goal. We delighted the residents of Warsaw with a series of black and white cards from the 1960s, the Poles with a series of beautiful floral cards and the newly-weds with a collection of funny wedding cards. Initially we only sold them to retail chains and wholesalers. Slowly we have become one of the leading Polish card manufacturers – we have established cooperation with Empik, Poczta Polska, Amazon. We took our cards to the trade fairs in Frankfurt, Birmingham, New York and Warsaw. Today our offer consists of hundreds of designs for every occasion, which we sell all over Poland and in many European countries. We are proud that our cards are made entirely in Poland. Here, we design and manufacture them using manufacturing techniques and cooperation with Polish suppliers. We do not print in China.

In 2008 we started selling holiday cards for companies directly via the Internet. Directly, because we wanted to offer our customers a customisation service, we wanted to be competitive in terms of price and timing. We wanted to be close to you to listen to your needs and respond to them immediately. We wanted to provide you with the highest level of service. We think we got it. Because we have been around for eleven years – surrounded by a group of wonderful customers who order our customised holiday cards with a logo. We create them ourselves, using the ideas of graphic designers, on many different machines, from old typographic hot foil stamping machines and die cutting machine to the latest laser markers and printers in the world. Everything in the process of manufacturing under one roof, everything under our control. All this to create beautiful products for you.