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Boż Narodzenie 262
Boż Narodzenie 262


Business Holiday Cards

  • Luxury

    The collection contains the highest quality cards manufactured using hot foil stamping, embossing and laser-cutting techniques on metallised decorative papers. Additionally, you can order envelopes in gold or écru.

  • Cards blank inside

    Christmas cards for self printing, packed in sets of 10 pieces are sent unfolded.



Greeting cards, in particular Christmas cards, are our passion. We design, manufacture, sell and think about them. Our world revolves around these little wonders. We try to combine new design trends with traditional styles, mix advanced techniques of decorating and paper cutting with plain printing. All this so that our Christmas holiday cards sent to your your employees and customers could express the wishes of making their dreams come true and successes. Our beautiful holiday cards also can be used as decorations filling the festive space of your homes and offices. Among our cards there are richly decorated, filled with foiled ornaments, modest and simple in form, pictorial, photographic, and painted cards. There is also a space to place logo of your company. Finally, our cards are varied just as there are different ways to express Christmas wishes for warmth and peace. Please, feel invited.